Bloodborne Game of the Year edition announced, launches November 25. Beast Mode confirmed.

FromSoftware is packaging Bloodborne and their new expansion The Old Hunters together in one package as Bloodborne: Game of The Year Edition. It was announced on the PlayStation Europe blog and has yet to see any other announcement regarding what other nations it may come to. In addition to the blog announcement, the PlayStation Blog had a few interesting things to say.

In addition to new environments, you’ll also gain access to new outfits and weapons to bolster your beast-battling arsenal, including a fearsome new ranged weapon called Simon’s Bowblade. On top of this, The Old Hunters also offers players the ability to go native and transform into terrifying beasts.

For those of you who didnt get to see the trailer for the upcoming expansion The Old Hunters, I will link the trailer down below. During a minute and fourteen seconds in, you can see a glimpse of the confirmed Beast Mode mechanic. No word has been mentioned on how it will activate, however, it looks like you may need a pair of Beast Claws.

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