Bloodborne originally had two DLC packs, combined to create an epic expansion.

For those of you who were doubting the size of the Bloodborne expansion that comes out on November 24, 2015, you may now eat your crow.

EuroGamer interview with Masaaki Yamagiwa (SCEJA), producer of Bloodborne can confirm that the original intent was to develop two DLC packs for Bloodborne. However, the idea was ultimately changed into one big expansion pack. Masaaki Yamagiwas quote down below gives off some more details.

It was decided that with one set, wed be able to do more with it, and have more volume for players to play with. As of right now, we have no plans for any more DLC.

Further on within the interview, Masaaki Yamagiwa also states that DLC for Bloodborne was always a planned thing, and was always set to launch in November for the holiday season.

At least in Japan, the plan was to release the DLC in NovemberI should mention, though, we finished making the game and then moved into production on the DLC. It took that long, but thats because of the sheer amount of volume. Were sorry it took so long! But its as fast as was possible considering whats in it.

The pretty cool thing about the quote above is that it confirms that the expansion was being developed after the game was completed. Props to SCEJA/FROM for not scrapping content and shoving it aside to sell at a later date. Im looking at you, Destiny.

Down below I will put down a few more quotes from the interview that had caught my attention. The quotes only happen to explain the setting and new weapons in The Old Hunters, spoilers down below.

The DLCs an opportunity to meet in some form or another the old heroes of Yharnham

Simons Bowblade Its background is that its the hunter Simons, who didnt like gunsIts a little on the extreme side. We wanted to give the players more options, so in this case its a ranged weapon.

This all sounds too exciting. If you read through the entirety of the quotes, you may have noticed that this is going to be the only DLC content for the game. Perhaps Bloodborne 2 will be greenlit and start development? I’d love for that to happen!
Anyways, November 24 is when the expansion comes out, just two days before Thanksgiving. I cant wait to play the expansion, but, Im not sure if I want to create an all new character or use one of my existing ones. How will you play though the expansion? Are you excited? Leave your thoughts down below.

Source: Eurogamer

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