Return to Yharnam, a Bloodborne community even full of cooperative play, invasions, and activity kicks off on March 10th! Bloodborne is free on PSPlus.

Return to Yharnam kicks off on March 10th, 2018! For those of you not in the know, “Return to Yharnam” is a fan driven event to boost the activity of the game during a specific time (as Bloodborne is about to hit three years old…can you believe that?). This will boost cooperative play, allow for more invasions, and even more jolly good times.

If you want to have the most fun during this event, then follow these rules specifically.

  • Create a new character and play through the game
  • Use your beckoning bell, resonant bell, and sinister bell as much as possible (do not kill the bell-ringing witches)
  • Defeat at least two people in PvP before killing the area boss
  • Leave a message saying “You’re in the know, right?” at as many lamps that you come across
  • Have fun. The start date is March 10, 2018, and the suggested end date is March 24, 2018 (one day before the third anniversary).
  • In order to boost the player count, we ask that you participate and as well spread the word. You may spread the word by sharing on reddit, facebook, twitter, etc.

Don’t own Bloodborne? If you have a PlayStation 4 and Playstation Plus, then no need to worry. Bloodborne is free to download for all during the month of March.


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