Bloodborne: The Older Hunters announced! Bloodborne at 2 million copies sold

Here is the direct feed trailer! Spoilers are within the trailer, so if you have not beat the game, do not watch.

Personally, my hype fell throughout the roof. This is the one thing I have been waiting for since the announcement of the expansion. Thank you, FROM/SCEJA.

As you can see, the expansion trailer was finally revealed! The release date for the DLC is November 24, 2015 (with a standalone retail release on December 3, 2015). Also, the game has sold two million units, that was confirmed at the Sony-TGS showing. Wow, two million copies for a brand new exclusive IP is incredible. I would not doubt a sequel to the game after Dark Souls 3.

What do you expect from the expansion? What would like you to see? How excited are you? Leave a comment below!

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