Revered Great One Coldblood and Guidance “Tier 3” have been discovered in Bloodborne.

The Revered Great One Coldblood (highest consumable for Blood echoes) and Guidance “Tier 3” (rune for 30% rally-potential) have finally been discovered in Bloodborne. The Revered Great One Coldblood is mentioned alongside the official Bloodborne guide, whereas Guidance “Tier 3” is mentioned in the Bloodborne: The Old Hunter’s guide. The Bloodborne community have been looking […]


Bloodborne is getting a card game.

For those of you who were worried about the future of Bloodborne, fear nota new game has been announced. Err, a card game. Bloodborne is getting its own licensed card game. The spin-off was announced on Twitter via card game designer Eric Lang, who created XCOM: The Board Game and A Game of Thrones: The […]

Bloodborne Patch 1.09 notes, now live on PSN to download.

With the expansion released for Bloodborne, and FromSoftware having no more plans for any more DLC to be added to the gamewe can assume that this may be the final, or one of the last patches for Bloodborne. The patch notes come from PlayStation of Japan’s official website. The newest update (v 1.09) has been […]


Bloodborne The Old Hunters expansion QA from SCEJA

Bloodborne The Old Hunters releases in a month and two days from today. The large expansion pack is set to bring several hours of new content, new weapons, areas, and more. Who wouldnt be hyped for an expansion to the game of the year? I for one am very excited for November 24, 2015. Unfortunately […]

Bloodborne is currently $25 at Best Buy.

This sale may not last for long, so if you have not had the chance to pick up the 2015 GOTY, you can now do so for $25. This is definitely a deal that anyone would not want to pass up. What a perfect price to jump into right before the expansion comes out? Click […]