Official Bloodborne patch 1.04 notes revealed!

The patch arrived today! A hefty 2.84 GB patch was released and it sure did bring some substantial changes to the game. These are all welcome additions, however, I sure hope no one will abuse the password matchmaking now that it does not require a Blood Level difference NOTE: These are from the official PlayStation […]

Bloodborne has gone GOLD.

The time has come, my friends! Bloodborne has gone gold! This means, the game is 100% completely finished, stopped development, and copies are being printed out to be shipped out to marketplaces/stores. No more delays, just twelve more days left! To think in twelve days that the masses will have a fully playable version of […]

Bloodborne is 40+ hours!

This sounds like the perfect time frame for a game. Absolutely no filler at all. Could this be the perfect FromSoftware title? (;

Only twenty days until Bloodborne!

Oh man, how the time has passed. Its been since May 2 of last year since the PROJECT BEAST title and stills leaked. From various online discussions, rants, rages about console exclusivity, to various members discussion it being a possible mod of Dark Souls. Those were excellent times! Oh, and you cant forget those NeoGAF […]