Changes made to menu navigation, and a new “Games” page. The message board is back online too!

Hello all! It’s been a while since I have updated. The truth to why I have yet to update is due to the lack of news or rumors circling around. I should have updated after E3 as my last article was about Bloodborne 2 being announced…and it did not show up.

However, I’m not done. I am currently working on the fluidity of the site. I have adjusted the menu navigation from listing all of the games and extending the menu height, to a much shorter menu with a main page titled “Games”. With the addition of the “Games” page, we now have previews and descriptions of each recent release. Take a look at it!

As you can see here, the older menu navigation was large and created an uneven design for desktop users. 

However, the newer and slimmer menu navigation allows for there to only be one row. Slimming down all of the previous game-article pages into “Games”. With the addition to the new “Games” page, each game has a preview option.

Please note, the “Games” page is not final. It is still a work in progress, and I intend on improving it. For now, when the game of choice is selected, it takes you over to the articles of the game you clicked. My goal is for each selection is to give you a more in depth preview of each game, alongside a link to show articles or purchase the game online. Here is a preview of that.

As stated, this is only a preview of what’s to come. 

We went from the older menu design to a simplified one. The benefit here is that instead of each game page linking to articles, the “Games” page showcases a small preview, an option to view a large in depth description of the game clicked by the user, and an option to then read articles or purchase the game.

Also, the message board is back up! Our SSO issues are ironed out further, but please let me know if you continue to see any issues when logging in or logging out. The website and the forum use the same user account, so feel free to leave a comment whenever!

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