Cut content from Bloodborne appears in videos, including unused bosses, NPC’s, enemies, and armor sets.

Today, YouTuber Sanadsk uploaded a video going through some newly discovered cut content from Bloodborne. The video displays the models for each character and boss, but does not include any sound clips as they are non-playable. The video is pretty show-and-tell, so I won’t go far into discussing them. This is a really awesome discovery, so be sure to watch.

This managed to slip by my radar, but. some armor sets were discovered a few months ago, but was not reported in a timely fashion (I apologize). As far as the armor sets go, these can be equipped but are lacking item descriptions, most are missing icons, et cetera.

Similar to the first video, I won’t go and describe them in this post. The video goes into excellent detail and provides a much better look than some screenshots would provide.

The video that was uploaded today is listed as part one, so we are expecting more to come. I cannot wait.

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