Dark Souls Remastered footage for Nintendo Switch shown off in Nintendo Direct! Solaire Amiibo and Network Test coming soon.

Finally! It’s been roughly two months since Dark Souls Remastered was announced (January 11th to be precise). Nintendo held a Direct today which unfortunately didn’t share much more information regarding the game, but it did share a trailer plus some additional surprises!

Identifying the Nintendo Switch version of this game is hard to do, as this short clip is all the footage that is currently available. However, it looks near identical to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 releases, but with possible worse textures? They looked sort of blurry, however, it cannot be confirmed until direct footage is released. The User Interface, menu’s, assets, and gameplay all still look the same too. We do not know if the assets, textures, or lighting will be upgraded for the PS4, Xbox, or Steam version…but my gut says no.

Additionally, we are getting a Solaire Amiibo…Still itching for more? ┬áLike most recent entries in the “Soulsborne” series, this game will have a Network test. No additional details were shared, but we will hear more about that soon.

Ta-da! Solaire Amiibo! This is so awesome. I will purchase one, however, it will stay in its original packaging. Anyways, Amiibo typically have some functionality, such as unlocking new gear, skins, or something not obtainable in game. That practice is something I’m not a fan of, which is why I am glad to hear that the Solaire Amiibo only gives you the “Praise the Sun” gesture (which is obtainable very early in game).

What do you think of Dark Souls Remastered, the Amiibo functionality, and network test? Are you still hyped, or perhaps underwhelmed? Personally, I’m incredibly excited. My reasons are just to have the original Dark Souls on current generation consoles, with a massive spike in online multiplayer. I am curious about how the PS4, Xbox, or Steam version will look, as they will run at 4k resolution and 60fps.


  • Anonymous

    looks awful but its switch so who really cares

  • Vertigo

    looks to be what I expected tbh

  • Basilisk

    It looks…just like Dark Souls. Cautious for the PS4/Xbox/PC version. I bet they will really shine in 4k60fps.

  • Ashen One

    Looks like what I thought it was. People had their expectations set way too high.

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