Demon's Souls artwork, hopeful for a Remaster

*Update* Demon’s Souls is one game that deserves a Remaster.

Update:  Sony says more remasters are “very likely”. Be sure to voice your opinion, people! Tweet at @yosp and @playstation and tell them what you want. It definitely looks like NeoGAF (and many game communities, including this one) wants a Demon’s Souls remaster as well! Look at this fan demand.

Game remasters are very common nowadays, in fact, it seems like one pops up every month! Recently, Batman Arkham Knight and Arkham City Remasters were announced. The news that those two games getting an remaster got me thinking a little bit. Why would they remaster these titles? Why did Borderlands 2 and For the Sequel need a Remaster? They weren’t cutting edge looking games, and they definitely did not push the PlayStation 3 to its full potential. So, what was the point in re-releasing them? They looked fine before, all those games got were some Anti-aliasing, so what gives?


Obviously, that answer was a given. The developers want money, and they want a lot of it. I’m sure the intentions to re-release the game also included the idea to have the game on a brand new shiny console, but…Money is definitely the main reason. However, there are games that actually did deserve to be remastered! For example, Ratchet and Clank, Jak, Ico, Devil May Cry, God of War, and other classic titles that were around the PS2 era! Now, what makes those titles deserve a spot in the HD remaster? These PlayStation 2 games were set in a 4:3 aspect ratio and haven’t aged well, that’s why they deserved to be remastered in HD. By many unfortunate standards, a lot of people didn’t want to go and try some unique PS2 title because it didn’t keep them interested. Sadly, the graphical department plays a major role in our society. A lot of people will be turned off by a games art style or looks. However, a lot of gamers have been smarter recently and are more willing to go back to an older title they have not experienced and give it a good chance. A lot of the time, they’ll love it!

You know what else should play a role in games deserving an HD Remaster? These games should also be niche titles that weren’t given the time of day or did not sell well, but regarded by many as a classic! Unfortunately, that little tidbit is a little unrealistic…given even remastering a game is expensive. A man can dream, can’t he?

I’m sure you saw this coming.

Demon’s Souls needs a remaster more than other games do. In fact, I would be ecstatic if FromSoftware announced on stage at E3 this year that they were in the process of remastering it for PS4. Nonetheless, I’m definitely not expecting FromSoftware to go back to the cut content and sell that as an expansion or free DLC, that’s ridiculous. Anyone who is hoping for that…it’s slightly unrealistic. The sixth archstone, The Land of the Giants, is forever gone (unless I am wrong).

I suppose I will start by mentioning a few points as to why the game deserves to be remastered.

Demon’s Souls is what started the series.

Not only that, but it also created it’s own genre. It created a fleshed out genre, one that made many wanting more. While the games after it in the series are more polished (aside from Dark Souls II), this one game was quite revolutionary and became such a hit because of what it did. In fact, Demon’s Souls could be considered one of the games that stopped the game developments of mediocrities and bland shooters.

For anyone that has enjoyed Bloodborne, Dark Souls, or Dark Souls II, there is a chance that they may want to revisit the series roots! The game was greatly recieved and was at the top of the charts for eight months on Play-Asia before it was announced that the game woild be coming to the West. However, that is only possible on PS3. Why not bring the game over to PS4?

Demon’s Souls contains insane amounts of quality

Demon’s Souls may not be the easiest Souls game to get into because of how dated it may look, or how it looks less polished (compared to say Bloodborne or Dark Souls…but the core game inside of it is oozing with insane atmosphere and fantastic world design. Remember Tower of Latria? The zone with the mindflayers, haunting chourus, and creepy over all design? I myself have beat the game several times, and I still tremble going into that area. I’m spooked each time! In fact, the majority of the areas in the game are creepy, dark, and just crazy filled with intense atmosphere. Not only that, but the gameplay and core mechanics play out fantastic. It is also the game that started its own genre, after all. The only reason the casual consumer would not want to go back to the game may be because the game looks muddy, dated, and uninteresting to them (which is unfortunate.) Sony and FromSoftware…remaster the game and upres the game! The game holds up very well against the games of today, prove to those who ignored the game. Maybe some Anti-Aliasing and native 1080/60 and updated textures? As perfect as the game already is, the game would definitely benefit from a remaster.

Give Demon’s Souls another chance on PlayStation 4

The game did phenomenally well for a niche title, but a lot of people may have ignored it. Heck, Sony ignored it (and eventually admitted it was one of their hugest mistakes). Let’s see the game skyrocket. Let’s give those people who didn’t own a PS3 and give them the opportunity to play it on their brand new shiny PS4. With all the positive press the game received, and how its still titled possibly the best Souls game, I believe more people should play it. I’m not saying it should go to other consoles, considering Sony owns the IP and it will never leave PlayStation, but a port to the PS4 would do no harm, would it?

Yes, I’ll admit it…online in this game is certainly broken. However, its quite fun! Whether you take it seriously, or play for a laugh, you can’t deny its fun. Whether you’re a magic user, casting miracles to reawaken or apply magic weapon, or a bold knight with tons of endurance and dexterity, its quite fun! The demons souls community was quite a unique little hub of people. With online being dead, give those who missed out a chance. The multiplayer is certainly not like any other game.

To tie things up, I highly think Demon’s Souls is in need of a remaster. It’s one of those games that started its own series and became a huge hit. It’s incredibly well done and really doesn’t have any flaws, however, the casual gamer may be a little too hesitant to go back to it based on their concerns of it not aging well in the graphical department. If FromSoftware were to put out a remaster for PS4, I’m pretty sure it would do very well in sales and more people would be willing to give it a chance considering the success of the later games.

Please sign the petition!

Bring Demon’s Souls to PS4 petition page.

Reddit page where the petition was posted.

I hope you enjoyed my blog post and reasoning’s for why the game deserves a remaster. More will be coming soon! I am currently working on my Project Beast versus Bloodborne analysis, so stay tuned. Perhaps leave a comment on our just launched, message boards.
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