Déraciné, a new unique PlayStation VR Exclusive from SCEJA and FromSoftware announced.

Déraciné is a brand new adventure styled virtual reality experience from the developers at FromSoftware and Sony Computer Entertainment Japan-Asia. In this game, it appears that you play in a school environment and as a fairy to interact with the students, in order to interact and create new companionships.

However, do the two companies collaborating sound familiar? The two collaborated and developed Bloodborne, back in 2015! Seeing these two collaborate is expected to be quite awesome.

Lets take a look at an official synopsis as per how Sony describes the game…:

As a spirit summoned by a young girl in a secluded boarding school, the player must prove its existence and build a unique bond with the students through clever interactions. As the mystery of the story unfolds, the spirit must use its ability to manipulate the forces of life and time to change the fate of the pupils.

The game itself is very far from what we typically see from these developers. It’s best if you just take a look yourself.


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