FromSoftware may be working on a Dark Fantasy Action RPG for consoles.

Things are looking interesting for the future of FromSoftware. Recently, there was a career posting on the Silicon Studio’s Agent website that was publicizing a temporary job for a 2D designer. This designer would work on a 3D action RPG for the current home consoles with a “realistic world view”. 

The ad does not mention the name of the studio that is working on this game. However, online communities were able to discover the posting was made for our beloved FromSoftware due to the hint dropped by Silicon Studio’s Agent website.

The headquarters of the developer are seven minutes from the Sasazuka station on the Keio Line in Tokyo

Which relates back to FromSoftware’s own website, where they are listed seven minutes away from the Sasazuka station on the Keio Line in Tokyo.

How cool is that? It’s been a while since Dark Souls 3 was released, and all of it’s downloadable content is finished and out. Could we be seeing FromSoftware’s next video game soon? Perhaps it will be at E3? Regardless, I cannot wait! Personally, I would love to see a Bloodborne 2! What would you like to see? Perhaps a new IP? Reboot? Leave a comment down below and let me know!


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