Sketchy rumor points to Shadows Die Twice being Bloodborne 2 and Demon’s Souls Remaster being in development.

Remember when Shadows Die Twice was announced? The day was December 7th, 2017. Since the announcement of this game, we have heard no details about how it plays. However, some possible details about Shadows Die Twice may have leaked back on March 13, 2018. The waiting game is a long one! However, as we draw closer to E3 in June time may tell what Shadows Die Twice could be…Or, perhaps we already know what it may be?

According to Lukas Tevas of ResetEra, Shadows Die Twice was shown off at an event called “PlayStation Destination”. At this event, a new trailer premiered showcasing that Shadows Die Twice is in fact Bloodborne 2. Additionally, Lukas Tevas mentions that Demon’s Souls Remastered is in development too. Now, it is worth mentioning that ResetEra is where the previous details and rumors of Shadows Die Twice originated from. Take a look down below at the post details.

Apparently there’s an event aimed at retail named Destination Playstation where it is said the trailer is indeed Bloodborne 2. People that attended to that event had talked about this game and others.

I’m no insider or anything, this is like 3rd hand information and I have no idea if it’s actually true. And I have been trying to search for info ever since I heard to see if it pans out, but all the data I could confirm has been leaked way before.

So, I’ll just post everything I heard from the event other than it being BB2:

Demons Souls remaster is coming
– Splinter Cell is real and won’t be exclusive (timed or otherwise) to xbox
– Just Cause 4 for December this year
– RDR2 and Shadow of Tomb Raider look insane even on base Ps4 (But when he told me about that both had been leaked /announced)
– ACO would be in egypt and details from the gameplay and bosses (but that had all been leaked before he told me)
– Ps5 devkits are indeed being distributed, aiming for 2019/2020 and Sony is looking for universities to have the devkits to have more (this one a friend of mine that studies in a university that I won’t name said their university was applying to this program, but didn’t received anything yet)
– Destination Playstation being the name of the event (I searched and found out there was an event named that… in 2013. No evidence of newer iterations of those events)

Again, I’m not insider or anything, just hearing from friends that work at retail, but it all could be the same source., or even he might use his position to fabricate rumours. Take it with a giant pile of salt because not even I believe him yet, but just in case…

Edit: To make myself clear: The source are online gaming friends that I never met in real life (but play with them frequently). That claim that works at a big retail in Brazil, and another that attends to one big university in Canada. Like I said, I have no way to confirm if even they are telling the truth about where they work/study, let alone their info lol.

Now, we’re going to have to take this with a pretty big grain of salt. As exciting as the news appear to be, even the author of this post is claiming he isn’t an insider. He also mentions that he heard this news from friends that work in retail. Additionally, he mentions that they (or he -if it all comes down from one source) may be using their/his position to fabricate news. This indicates the said friends or leaker in the chain is likely from corporate, who definitely could have this information.

Nevertheless, this is pretty similar to the almost iconic quote “My Uncle works at Nintendo!”. It’s reaching pretty hard! However, despite what I said earlier…I wouldn’t discredit it yet. Considering that these friends of Lukas Tevas are repeating the same information; it is possible that this means their could be some validity to these words. I suppose we will have to wait until E3 in June!

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  • Basilisk

    I’m hoping this is real, I really am…but friends from gamestop had better be higher ups.

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