Update: Moved hosts, forum software upgraded, troubleshooting. Cellular data access may be temporarily disabled (use WiFi)

Update: Our domain just got pointed toward a new host. Additionally, DNS propagation is working right now, which means that cellular access (mobile data) may not be the best way to access the website (you may see a “404” or “cannot connect to page” error). Do not worry, as it will hopefully be 100% smooth in the coming hours (worst case, days). Until then, we recommend you connect via a Wired or WiFi connected.

Overnight, FsF and the FsF Forums were moved from goDaddy to Lionade. There have been some quirks, but ultimately, everything is back up and running beautifully (thanks m@rc!). However, our bridge to XenForo (the forum software we run) is currently not communicating to the website. The forums are still up, however, single-sign-on is not working as it should be, and neither are site comments also being posted on threads.

We hope to have this working very soon.


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