Bloodborne: The Old Hunter’s expansion is $5.99 for PlayStation Plus, $7.99 for non-Plus users.

Last week, we reported that Bloodborne would be free for PlayStation Plus users for the month of March. Additionally, the Return to Yharnam event is currently taking place. It may be obvious, but if you have a PlayStation 4 and have yet to play Bloodborne, now is the best opportunity. The game is free! What a wonderful game it is too. Now, onto some even better news…

The Old Hunters is only $5.99

The legendary expansion pack, The Old Hunters, is just $5.99 for PlayStation Plus users. For non-Plus users, the DLC is $7.99. The Old Hunters adds several new, hand crafted boss fights,  areas to explore, new NPC’s, weapons, armor, and more!

Experience the nightmare of the hunters who once guarded Byrgenwerth’s deepest, darkest secrets and uncover the mystery behind Yharnam’s sinister past in The Old Hunters expansion DLC for Bloodborne™. Journey to a world where hunters from the past are trapped forever, find multiple new outfits and weapons to add to your hunter arsenal, and explore brand new stages full of dangers, rewards, and deadly beasts to hunt.

Check out The Old Hunters by clicking this link here.


  • Coffee Cake

    this should have been given out for free with mach

    • Rogue

      It would have been nice, yes, but Bloodborne as it is, is awesome too! The Old Hunters is the GOAT though.

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