Online servers for Demon’s Souls shutting down on February 28, 2018.

Demon’s Souls will have its online functionality shut down. Today, Sony announced that the servers for Demon’s Souls will be shutting down for good on February 28, 2018. Atlus is also saying goodbye, as they host the servers for America and Europe.

Unfortunately, this means that online play such as co-op and invasions (including the Monk PvP battle) will no longer be playable. Writing and reading hints, as well as checking other player bloodstains, along with browsing through rankings, and wandering phantoms will be unavailable as well.

Demon’s Souls first came out on February 5, 2009, with the release in the United States being October 6, 2009. The game, while being niche at launch (and some would argue it still is) makes quite the mark for having the servers online for so long.

Anyone looking to finish their trophy list for their PlayStation Network ID is recommended to do so before this date. The game features trophies that are quite hard to get, but may be a bit easier with another phantom.




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