Edge #291 features Dark Souls 3 as its cover.

The new Edge magazine (issue #291) is coming soon, and with it comes some new interesting tidbits regarding Dark Souls 3 and the development of the game. In this issue, Miyazaki rekindles the flame in Dark Souls 3. Also, game designers and popular fans among the community discuss the appeal of the original Dark Souls. […]

Dark Souls 3 is Miyazaki’s design, or, his baby.

Sorry for the late update (a few hours off), I was busy and managed to miss this interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, FROM President and game designer of the popular Dark Souls franchise. The interview comes from VG24/7, in which they ask various questions about the upcoming third installment in the Dark Souls trilogy, named Dark […]

My Slashy Souls impressions.

Well guys, I have finally caved in. I am giving impressions for a video gamea mobile game, per say. However, this game is on iOS and Android (sorry Windows 10 Mobile users) and not for the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. The game Im talking about is obviously Slashy Souls. To put things into perspective, […]

Slashy Souls officially announced.

A few months ago, a weird trademark for the game Slashy Souls appeared online. However, nothing more had been brought up after the trademark was posted dating back to September. Today, Namco-Bandai and GameStop in collaboration has announced Slashy Souls, a 2D challenging sidescroller that will be available on iOS and Android. Sorry Windows 10 […]

Dark Souls 3 Shadows Ahead trailer.

Good news! With Dark Souls 3 coming around the corner, a new trailer has been uploaded onto YouTube! Be warned, that this trailer will contain spoilers. Since I have been on media blackout for this game, I will simply link the video down belowI will not be giving my impressions. The game is officially less […]

Dark Souls Comic Book coming April 2016.

Dark Souls fans will have something new to clamor to beside the latest Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 games. Now the fans will have a comic book series coming April 2016! Perfect timing! Titan Comics will be developing this comic series, which will be side stories rather than stories from their respective games. The comic […]