Sekiro game files show evidence of new game in development!

Oh man, we’re a little behind on this…I wish I had been here more often, but my education has kept me pretty busy. Why not cut to the chase?

As it appears, a pretty reliable insider going by the name of Omnipotent on ResetEra has been teasing some information about FromSoftware’s newest game. While it feels a bit too early to see a new game, as Sekiro came out a few months ago, the developer is quite large nowadays.

I would take this with a grain of salt.

What we currently can speculate on is that the new game incorporates Norse mythology into the Action-Adventure genre, developed in Unreal Engine 4, and the game will also feature horse-back riding. The most interesting tidbit is that George R.R. Martin is apparently a consultant on the game.  The author himself made a claim on his blog that he has consulted a game over in Japan recently.

Additionally, a user in the Sekiro modding community discovered something quite fascinating. While tinkering with the game’s files, a reference to “GR”, or, “Great Rune” (the rumored project name of this name game) was discovered. Additionally, the game is still being developed with FromSoftware’s internal game engine, rather the Unreal 4 Engine like previous rumors poked at.

I’m incredibly excited to see what will come out of this. I’m most excited to see what comes next. I already achieved the platinum in Sekiro, costing me up until play through six…but I am ready for more. Expect to see this game on Microsoft’s stage at E3, on June 9th.


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