We are going to be giving away FREE copies of Dark Souls: Remastered!

Hey all. In honor of Dark Souls: Remastered coming out in just a little over two months, I figured that I would start a giveaway similar to the one when Bloodborne released. Why am I doing this? Well, I want to recreate the magic that Dark Souls gave me back in 2011 to new players, or revisiting players. Like any giveaway, there are specific rules and guidelines you must follow.
  • Members may only enter ONCE. They cannot create another account and enter. It is incredibly obvious and plain easy to see similarities in two accounts. Not only that, but the IP address will match (and if other methods are made to change one IP from the other, both accounts will be terminated if noticed). Users who attempt to enter twice will be automatically dropped from the giveaway.
  • Members who wish to enter must be 18 and older, and in the United States.
  • Members must also have a post count of 40 or over in the forums.
  • Unlike the Bloodborne giveaway a few years ago, this is not tied to just PlayStation. This means that whatever version of the game you would like, be it PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Switch, are all applicable.
  • Submission must be made by May 22, 2018.
  • Have fun! Members who spam the board will be dropped.

The rules are incredibly simple. Anyone who is applicable should be able to follow them.

Down below is the template necessary to enter the giveaway. Fill in the required fields and send me a PM on the forums of your template.

PlayStation Network ID, Xbox Live Account, Nintendo Switch ID, or Steam username (please specify!):
Reason for wanting DARK SOULS REMASTERED:
Have you had previous experiences with FromSoftware titles? *Note: This will not disqualify you if you have not played any of their titles!* 
As you can see, the qualifications are quite relaxed. It doesn’t hurt to try and win a free game, right?

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  • Basilisk

    That’s really cool. Is there anything else I need to know?

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