Dark Souls Remastered was originally more ambitious.

Back when Dark Souls Remastered was announced in January, there were rumors floating around the games development. Some of these rumors consisted of new assets, new lighting, gameplay enhancements, and more! However, the majority of these changes were later debunked (as can be seen in the Switch footage and PlayStation, Xbox, and PC footage). The art design remains the same, however on the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC version the lighting appears to have been altered.

Despite the game appearing to be the same from the last generation release, a PR statement released indicates that there are a ton of good Quality of Life changes for the game (none that are game breaking). You can read about those here. 

Anyways, additional details about the games development are here. For starters, it appears that perhaps Dark Souls Remastered was quite a bit more ambitious than perceived. We already know about the Quality of Life changes (linked above), and some smaller details. However, did you know that gameplay ideas were tweaked and prototyped?

Dark Souls Remastered originally had some ambitious gameplay ideas

Early in development other QOL changes and additions for Dark Souls Remastered were being considered, and in some cases prototyped, before staff were told to revert almost all changes and leave the game’s content as it was. Some changes got as far as the development stage, being implemented in builds of the game, before being removed. To be absolutely clear we are not talking here about major content additions, like new areas or bosses, but tweaks to how things like covenants worked.

Source: Kotaku

This is rather interesting, given the lackluster response we have heard back about the game. Dark Souls became a cult hit due to how it played, and that it didn’t hold your hand. Any additional changes to the core gameplay would have fans

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