Bloodborne guide

Hello, welcome to my Bloodborne Walkthrough. This playthrough was done at expert level.

This game was recorded in 1080p30fps, with the exception for part one. For this build, I went purely STR/SKI. You will notice that for a long portion of this walkthrough, I am using the Saw Cleaver. That is until part 7, where I acquire the beast claws and eventually the Uncanny Burial Blade. Those two required farming chalice dungeons for hours using a Saw Cleaver +6. I did not record any of the chalice dungeons that I went through, because that would require a ton of time. I spent around nearly a whole day just getting caught up on chalice dungeons.

There are a total of twelve videos, each nearly an hour long. I would say that I did a fantastic job throughout the entire segment, however, the end game did get a little tricky due to not upgrading my health until the very end. I did make cuts to save time and in that way you did not need to see me constantly die.