[Updated] New minor Bloodborne mechanics discovered.

Update: The Scurrying Beast actually have a preset path in the Nightmare Frontier.¬†They will run toward you regardless of how you act toward it. Unfortunately, this means the first mechanic listed down below isn’t actually true for all Scurrying Beasts.

It’s been nearly three years since the release of Bloodborne. However, not all of its secrets have been discovered. This is rather interesting, as the game has a massive community following…and is currently being data-mined through PlayStation firmware exploits. These secret mechanics are minor, and not exactly “spoiler” territory. I recommend giving these two videos a watch and trying them out for yourself!

 Have the Scurrying Beast run toward you and act like a dog.

That went completely underneath my radar. If you’re running to catch a Scurrying Beast, why not try the “Wait!” gesture toward them? By doing this, the beast will run toward you and act as if it’s a dog. How cute! I’m going to have to try this.

Make Contact with the Winter Lantern enemy.

The Winter Lanterns are creepy, eerie, and downright horrifying enemies. If you get near one, it’s frightening lullabies will “Frenzy” you. When you start to get Frenzied, a meter appears. This meter will fill up, and your heath will go down much faster than a poison/toxic rating. However, once the meter completely fills up, 80% of your health is lost…and the meter fills up again. Horrifying! Anyways, in order to stop the Winter Lanterns from attacking you; use the “Make Contact” gesture. They will stop in their tracks, however, the Frenzy meter will still go up…


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