New Dark Souls 3 gameplay, includes two new weapon arts. [Spoilers]

Dark Souls 3 is coming soon! In fact, it is only a few months away from us.

During a live stream of Dark Souls from FromSoftware, spliced footage of Dark Souls 3 was presented. From the looks of it, the area that the starting character may be looks to be a tutorial area. The video only happens to be around six minutes longand not too much happens besides displaying two new weapon arts.

The dagger weapon art is very similar to Bloodborne, which allows you to sidestep. This will drain the mana bar very quickly, and is apparently exclusive to daggers. No word has been mentioned how this weapon art will react if the player wears heavier armor.

The bow weapon art is expected, as its just quicker firing rates of any equipped arrows the player has in stock. The damage is impressive on this weapon art.

Please be warned, the video does spoil what seems to be the first area in the game and things you may not want to see. The video has also been re-uploaded as it was taken down earlier.

Excited for Dark Souls 3? Its coming in only a few months, so stay tuned with us for more.

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