New Dark Souls 3 trailer, footage, and release date. The Old Hunters release, impressions, and possible Demons Souls remaster/sequel to Bloodborne?!

Hi guys, sorry for not updating recently. College work has gone above my head and I have become very busythat, and I could not drop the controller from The Old Hunters! I know, that is selfish. My bad! I sincerely do apologize for not updating in nearly a month. The site is definitely not dead, however, my brain sure is fried.

Anyways, Dark Souls 3 happens to have a new trailer, gameplay, and release date. All of this was expected to be announced during last nights Video Game Awards (2015), however it did not show up. Instead, it wasnt shown up until the next morning for a surprise tease for the PlayStation Experience (2015). You can view both the trailer and the gameplay here. I must warn you thoughboth pieces of footage to contain what seems like heavy spoilers. Beware!

For those of you that watched the footagehow awesome did that look?! Im excited, and Im sure the all of you are. We also got an American release date, April 12, 2016. No more information was given on what to expect, but I think it may be safe to say that there will be a gameplay demo at the PlayStation Experience (2015). April cannot come any sooner!

As for those who were curious about the Old Hunters (and the various patches that came with it), I would say that you definitely need to play it to find out for yourself. FromSoftware once again proves that their expansions are fantastic, with new areas to explore, awesome new weapons, and lore. And yes, those who were complaining about build diversity in Bloodborneit sure looks like FromSoftware has acknowledged the complaint and delivered! If youre someone that has yet to get his or her hands on the expansion, go buy it immediately. The recommended level is 65, but to be honest, as hardcore as a SoulsBorne player as I am, I could not beat the first boss of the expansion until I was level 113.

I promised that I would post impressions of The Old Hunters, and that promise is still set in stone. I need more time to go through the game with the new build varieties to explore my thoughts. However, I will say this, I loved the expansion. Im sure you guys know how I feel.

Moving on, this is certainly strange. This may or may not be some foreshadowing from the official Bloodborne twitter page (ran by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan-Asia/SCEJA), so take it with a grain of salt.

Source: MCVUK

A lot of people are speculating that Demons Souls is getting a remaster for the PS4 (which definitely deserves it more so than a few other games). Why would the official twitter page post such an image with no context? It is ran by SCEJA after all. In fact, a few people thought that this image meant release order of their game catalog. For example, Demons Souls (1), Bloodborne (2), Bloodborne The Old Hunters (expansion), and two copies of Bloodborne belowcould this possibly mean that a sequel to Bloodborne is in the works already?! The game did outstanding numbers sales wise and was received very well. It would be dumb not to work on a sequel.

Whoo! What a post. Once again, I deeply apologize for the lack of update in a month. I promise I wasnt ignoring you guys, I just have a busy schedule. Timely updates are coming, I promise. Stay tuned for more Dark Souls and Bloodborne goodness!

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