Official Bloodborne patch 1.04 notes revealed!

The patch arrived today! A hefty 2.84 GB patch was released and it sure did bring some substantial changes to the game. These are all welcome additions, however, I sure hope no one will abuse the password matchmaking now that it does not require a Blood Level difference

NOTE: These are from the official PlayStation Japan page. They were translated using Google Translate. So until an official English patch notes release is published online, this is the translation that will be used for this post.

UPDATE: Patch 1.04 notes have been replaced with the corrected English translation below.

By using password matching, you can now be matched regardless of level difference, and even with a hostile oath

Conditions for the appearance of the insight store changed: it will appear when the player has one or more insight instead of 10

Added a “blood chunk” item to the insight store (it will appear after playing the game up to a point).

Up to 600 Blood vials and quicksilver bullets can now be stored in the storage

Adjusted the strength of some enemies in some areas in new game plus

Adjusted the resistance and vulnerability of some enemies to bolt and arcane attacks

Changes made to how Beasthood accumulates. This increases duration and improves attack of
beast mode

Adjusted the effect of Beast Blood Pellet item

Fixed a bug of the attack force of the Rifle Spear. In particular, it was fixed a problem with the use of Blood Gems

Reduced the stamina use of the Kirkhammer

Reduced the stamina use of the Logarius’ Wheel

Increased the duration of Old Hunter Bone and reduced the use of Quicksilver Bullets

Increased the duration of the effect of Tiny Tonitrus. Increased attack force. Attack force with low arcane will be higher.

Increased the duration of the effect of Augur of Ebrietas. Attack force with low arcane will be higher

Reduced the Quicksilver Bullet cost for use of A Call Beyond

Reduced the Quicksilver Bullet cost for use of Choir Bell

Added Short Ritual Root Chalice to the insight store after completing the Pthumeru Chalice dungeon

It’s possible to take advantage of the Short Ritual Root Chalice from an earlier stage of the game

Added a random rewards when killing a Chalice dungeon boss. They will now drop a random Blood Gem in addition to weapon enhancement materials

Different depths of Chalice Dungeons will now drop different Blood Stones

-Depth 1: Blood Stone Shard

-Depth 2: Twin Blood Stone Shard

-Depth 3: Twin Blood Stone Shard and Blood Stone Chunk (Rare)

-Depth 4: Blood Stone Chunk

-Depth 5: Blood Stone Chunk and Blood Rock (Rare)

Increased the level of Blood Gems available in Depth 1-3 Dungeons

Increased the amount of Blood Echoes dropped in Chalice Dungeons

Co-op partners joining a cursed dungeon will only see their HP reduced by 50%, and not by 65% as it was before

When starting co-op in a chalice dungeon, you will now spawn in the lantern room

Weapons with special names like “uncanny” and so forth can now be purchased from the Bath Messengers once found

Adjusted the brightness of the screen when finding a pool of Blood Echoes on the ground

Corrected the bug that disconnect you from online mode when in stand-by

Corrected a bug that caused enemies not to be displayed correctly for co-op guests when moving fast

Further tweaks and bug fixes

Do you like the additions made to the game? Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion below, and keep in touch with FromSoft Fanatics (FsF) to get the latest information on Bloodborne and FromSoftware’s other games. Until then,


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