Dark Souls 3 is Miyazaki’s design, or, his baby.

Sorry for the late update (a few hours off), I was busy and managed to miss this interview with Hidetaka Miyazaki, FROM President and game designer of the popular Dark Souls franchise.

The interview comes from VG24/7, in which they ask various questions about the upcoming third installment in the Dark Souls trilogy, named Dark Souls 3. Due to the nature on how the interview is written and designed on VG24/7s website, I will not be quoting the entire article. Instead, I will place interesting bits from the interview on this page and provide a source to read the rest of the article itself.

Notice: I have been on media blackout for this game, so correct me if I may have missed a detail.I may not be in the know.

Dark Souls 2 was of course built and supervised by other people at From Software, and so it matched their preference,So, in terms of the world design, and other elements, my preference is to return to something structurally a little more like the first game, and Bloodborne, with the world a little more connected.

Interesting, so the world will be connected in some way (this was obvious), but how its designed and works is either similar to Dark Souls 1 or Bloodborne.

However we’re also trying to ensure that the classes and the character you create at the very beginning are still important and having an impact on you at the end of gameplay, too – so those are the two things we’re trying to balance, and the new weapon skill system adds to that

Awesome, so the class we choose will have a bigger impact this time around. I like it!

The rest of the article happens to be based around difficulty of the series and Miyazakis charming personality. If youre interested, be sure to head on over to VG24/7.

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