My Slashy Souls impressions.

Well guys, I have finally caved in. I am giving impressions for a video gamea mobile game, per say. However, this game is on iOS and Android (sorry Windows 10 Mobile users) and not for the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. The game Im talking about is obviously Slashy Souls.

To put things into perspective, Slashy Souls is not a Souls game you would expect to see, or want to play given the first chance. In fact, Slashy Souls isnt even a Souls-like gameits an endless runner (what a shock). The game is also not developed by FromSoftware, however it is a collaboration between GameStop and Bandai-Namco Entertainment.

The idea of Slashy Souls is that you run, jump, roll back and fourth, dodge enemies and obstacles, grab miracles/sorcery/pyromancy and attack those that come in your way. Honestly, without the Souls bosses such as Gravelord Nito and other Souls-like designs in this mobile game, you could essentially be playing any endless runner. There is nothing special to be found here that isnt in any other endless runner on the app store. In fact, the game is literally Souls in name, and nothing much to prove from that gain.

Despite what I am saying, the game certainly is fun. In fact, its more challenging than the likes of Temple Run, Sonic Dash, or any other endless runners. For example, Slashy Souls is something to be played while passing time on the train. To be honest though, I honestly think thats what the developers may have wanted. Any Souls fan that may be overreacting to this release may want to calm down a bit. The game itself is just a mobile runner with Souls like appearances for eye candy and brand recognition, and has no effect towards the future of the Souls series. To conclude my thoughts, Slashy Souls doesnt bring anything new to the tablehowever, it can be fun to pass time.

Download Slashy Souls on iOS.

Download Slashy Souls on Android.

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