Dark Souls III is currently 70% off on the PlayStation Network.

Dark Souls III was one of 2016’s best games released that year. The world of Lothric was haunting, challenging, and made you coming back for more. Now, Dark Souls III is back. As a matter of fact, the game is on sale for a massive discount. Not to mention, for those of you that have yet to play it, or currently have any friends or family members that want to play it, now is the time as…

Dark Souls III is on sale! The game is 70% off on PlayStation Network.


That’s right! One of the best games of all time is currently on a really good deal. See for yourself. Now, if you’re a fan of the other games in the series, there is some other awesome news too. In light of the base game being on sale, Dark Souls III – Deluxe Edition is currently 70% off as well. Additionally, the Deluxe Edition of Dark Souls III includes the season pass, which grants you access to “The Ashes of Ariandel” plus “The Ringed City” DLC.


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    Already own it, but nice for those that don’t.

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