Reminder: Return to Yharnam starts today!

Return to Yharnam is live!

Hey there fellow hunters! The annual Return to Yharnam¬†event is officially taking place! If you’re not familiar with Return to Yharnam, follow the link above. The guidelines are pretty simple. Anyways, this event is expected to have the largest player base since the Old Hunters expansion released. The reason for the new activity is because¬†Bloodborne is now a free PlayStation Plus game for March.

Moving on, if you don’t own Bloodborne, or have never played it, now is your best chance to play with an active community! The game is absolutely fantastic, with excellent combat that is unparalleled, has an amazing atmosphere, and the best world building in a game ever.

I started playing just the other day, and I am now pretty far in the game. I’m hitting around level 50. Come and join the fun!


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