Dark Souls 3 week on PlayStation Access, Dark Souls 3 boss names LEAKED

Good news! With the following release of Dark Souls 3 coming soon, more media for the game has been released to the public.

For the next four days (March 1, 2016 March 4, 2016) a new gameplay video of Dark Souls 3 will be posted on the PlayStation Access channel.

This week on Access is officially Dark Souls 3 week! Check back every day because well have daily videos with brand new gameplay captured from the PS4 version of From Softwares epic RPG.

Source: PlayStation Access YouTube Channel

The four gameplay videos may contain spoilers, so be warned. I will simply be sharing the links to each video as I am trying my best to stay on media blackout.

In other news, boss names for Dark Souls 3 have leaked from the CD of the game itself. Heavy spoilers are out and about, so if you would like to see them be sure to click this link.

Stay tuned with us for more, I will be covering impressions of Slashy Souls, posting more coverage on Dark Souls 3, and more.

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