Dark Souls Comic Book coming April 2016.

Dark Souls fans will have something new to clamor to beside the latest Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 games. Now the fans will have a comic book series coming April 2016! Perfect timing!

Titan Comics will be developing this comic series, which will be side stories rather than stories from their respective games. The comic is called by its name, Dark Souls. The series will be written by George Mann and drawn by Alan Quah. Aside from these details, not much is known. However, we do have five different variants of issue number one. They will be the same, as the only difference happens to be the cover art. Here are the four selected we were able to see today.

Source: IGN

As you know, I will DEFINITELY be covering this series. In fact, it shall get its own page on the menu. I will be sure to post more details on this series as soon as the web provides them.

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