Digital Foundry: Hands on with Dark Souls Remastered plus comparison with Xbox 360 footage.

We are drawing closer to the release date of Dark Souls Remastered. As we are less than eight weeks until the game comes out, it is very exciting to finally have gameplay of this remaster. The footage debuted yesterday showcasing the PlayStation 4 Pro version of the game. Initial response were lukewarm, to say at best. This can be expected, as the website, Fextralife, originally reported that they had a hands on in development and were promising changes to the combat, engine changes, and new assets. This isn’t the first time that Fextralife has made stuff up. Fortunately, they were quick to redact their claims. Since then, the expected changes for the Remaster were looking to be higher resolution and frame rate plus some additional goodies. Most of the people who watched yesterday’s gameplay reveal were pretty pleased with it, except for some nitpicks…

Nitpicks you say? We will get to those in a moment…Anyways, despite the game being a massive upgrade in terms of performance and Quality of Life (QoL) enhancements; the games overall lighting and how it reflects upon the texture mapping have created a great debate in the Dark Souls community. Plenty of players are thrilled just for the new active Dark Souls multiplayer and QoL changes. Additionally, there are those who are excited for the enhanced frame rate too. Moreover, there are people who have yet to play this brilliant game. Doesn’t all of that sound overwhelmingly positive?

Unfortunately, the vocal majority seem to point at the glowing issues. These issues claim that the texture mapping on the metallic shaders of armor are missing, or “plastic-looking” depending on the lighting. Other claims are about the games lighting, new bonfire effect, fog gates, and soul/item pickup (which are all fine, in my opinion). Despite these few changes, the game is still Dark Souls. The game will still play like Dark Souls. The game still looks like Dark Souls.

Anyhow, there were additional reports from yesterday that the gameplay recorded at Namco Bandai’s event were very washed out and not representative of the remaster at all. Those that were at the event have said that the TV’s used to record gameplay had their brightness, gamma, or contrast changed so they could see what was on screen. This would then effect the video recording.

Now, let’s try to put a lot of this misinformation to rest. Let’s take a good, clear look for ourselves. Fortunately Digital Foundry (technical wizards) had an opportunity to play the game and give their input.

Dark Souls Remastered footage! Digital Foundry take a look at PS4 Pro vs Xbox 360 gameplay.

As you can see…it’s Dark Souls, plus some goodies thrown in there. Stable 60 frames per second? Check. 4K (upscaled)? Check. Incredible game? Check. Nonetheless, there is one thing I must point out…Lighting and how it effected the texture mapping do look odd, but, this may be an old build. If it is not, perhaps it will be reworked prior to release. However, the footage looking “washed out” should no longer be a concern.

What were you expecting with the remaster? Are you as happy and excited as we are? Are you a bit skeptical, regarding the lighting and textures? Or perhaps are you a new player, who just wants to play Dark Souls? I’m positive that Dark Souls Remastered will be the definitive version of this 2011 classic.

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