FromSoftware is developing a PlayStation VR game!

If you missed it, the PlayStation VRs price, release date, and contents were just announced today. To keep things short, the PSVR is launching October for the price of $399/€399/£349/¥44,980. Pre-orders start tomorrow.

Source: NeoGAF

Over 230 game-developers are on board, with one of them being FromSoftware!

How exciting is this?! Could this be another Kings Field game? Or could it be soulsborne related, with VR support? Or could it be something entirely new?

I for one am completely stoked. My interest for PSVR went from zero to one-hundred as soon as I saw who was on board (that and Ive never experienced VR).

More details will be posted soon as information is released. Also, stay tuned for Dark Souls 3 coverage as the game releases soon!

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