Demon's Souls artwork, hopeful for a Remaster

*Update* Demon’s Souls is one game that deserves a Remaster.

Update:  Sony says more remasters are “very likely”. Be sure to voice your opinion, people! Tweet at @yosp and @playstation and tell them what you want. It definitely looks like NeoGAF (and many game communities, including this one) wants a Demon’s Souls remaster as well! Look at this fan demand. Game remasters are very common […]

Important Notice.

Its has come to my attention based on feedback that the site may look a little subjective. I want to inform for those who are reading, that a Kings Field, Armored Core, and more pages will come as soon as their is content that can be readily made for it. Until then, please be at […]

Official Bloodborne patch 1.04 notes revealed!

The patch arrived today! A hefty 2.84 GB patch was released and it sure did bring some substantial changes to the game. These are all welcome additions, however, I sure hope no one will abuse the password matchmaking now that it does not require a Blood Level difference NOTE: These are from the official PlayStation […]

Bloodborne has gone GOLD.

The time has come, my friends! Bloodborne has gone gold! This means, the game is 100% completely finished, stopped development, and copies are being printed out to be shipped out to marketplaces/stores. No more delays, just twelve more days left! To think in twelve days that the masses will have a fully playable version of […]

Bloodborne is 40+ hours!

This sounds like the perfect time frame for a game. Absolutely no filler at all. Could this be the perfect FromSoftware title? (;

Only twenty days until Bloodborne!

Oh man, how the time has passed. Its been since May 2 of last year since the PROJECT BEAST title and stills leaked. From various online discussions, rants, rages about console exclusivity, to various members discussion it being a possible mod of Dark Souls. Those were excellent times! Oh, and you cant forget those NeoGAF […]

Demons Souls Walkthrough page added!

Originally posted on February 28, 2015. The Demons Souls Walkthrough page is up. It contains 18 videos which range in length because (most) parts consist of one level from the game. Check it out, there is a link in the menu. Click here to be taken to the walkthrough.