Dark Souls 3 Shadows Ahead trailer.

Good news! With Dark Souls 3 coming around the corner, a new trailer has been uploaded onto YouTube! Be warned, that this trailer will contain spoilers. Since I have been on media blackout for this game, I will simply link the video down belowI will not be giving my impressions. The game is officially less […]

Dark Souls Comic Book coming April 2016.

Dark Souls fans will have something new to clamor to beside the latest Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 games. Now the fans will have a comic book series coming April 2016! Perfect timing! Titan Comics will be developing this comic series, which will be side stories rather than stories from their respective games. The comic […]

Bloodborne Patch 1.09 notes, now live on PSN to download.

With the expansion released for Bloodborne, and FromSoftware having no more plans for any more DLC to be added to the gamewe can assume that this may be the final, or one of the last patches for Bloodborne. The patch notes come from PlayStation of Japan’s official website. The newest update (v 1.09) has been […]

Dark Souls III PC Requirements officially announced.

Dark Souls III is coming soon, slated for release in Japan within March and for North America in April. With the game just around the corner, here are the PC requirements needed if you would like to play the game on Steam. The You Died spec: OS: Windows 7 SP1 64bit, Windows 8.1 64bit Windows […]

Dark Souls III launches April 12.

Dark Souls III is set to launch for April 12, 2016 in America. While we have known this for a week, it is still quite a bummer that we are getting it two weeks after the Japanese release. I fear for new American players on day oneas they will definitely get wrecked a new one. […]