Dark Souls 3 NA Europe release date set for April, new direct feed gameplay revealed, hands on with the Magic System.

This is going to be a pretty lengthy post, so I will keeps news as compact and proper as possible.

The release date for Dark Souls 3 in Japan was announced for March 24, 2015. However, those of us consumers in the NA and EU regions, we will have to wait until April. An official date in April was not announced. Hopefully the release will be pushed forward to meet with Japans release date (for reference, Bloodborne was nearly released worldwide just a few days apart).

Source: Polygon

In further news, some direct feed gameplay has finally been shown to the public. As you can see through this video, the player now has a blue Estus Flask -probably the magic bar recharge. Weirdly enough, the normal Estus Flask now makes the exact sound a Blood Vial does in Bloodborne.

A ton of Souls-YouTube players have their own commentary over the gameplay, making comments towards changes. Go take a look for more information.

GameInformer has been running their October monthly issue for Dark Souls 3. Their most recent article details the new Magic System that takes place in Dark Souls 3. In order to keep this post on the shorter side (and have enough time to write about the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters article), I will simply link the GameInformer article and let you -the reader take it all in.

Source: GameInformer (Dark Souls 3’s new magic system)

How do you feel about the changes that Dark Souls 3 is bringing? Are you excited for the upcoming release, or a little bummed about the month delay? Let us know down below.

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