Previews for Dark Souls Remastered are incoming!

Finally. Its been a week since Dark Souls Remastered screenshots for current-generation consoles appeared in Famitsu. Since then, the communities have been waiting for more information about this game. However, now we know that we will be seeing some previews soon for this game! These previews are coming from Ruby Rumjen, the PR manager for Bandai Namco in the […]

[Updated] Solaire amiibo is exclusive to GameStop. Sold out.

Earlier today, the Solaire amiibo was announced in a Nintendo Direct showcasing Dark Souls Remastered. It looks pretty cool, and seems to be one of a kind as its the only Dark Souls amiibo that will likely come out. Unfortunately, it is going to be sold exclusively at GameStop. Considering this is an amiibo, and […]


Dark Souls Remastered footage for Nintendo Switch shown off in Nintendo Direct! Solaire Amiibo and Network Test coming soon.

Finally! It’s been roughly two months since Dark Souls Remastered was announced (January 11th to be precise). Nintendo held a Direct today which unfortunately didn’t share much more information regarding the game, but it did share a trailer plus some additional surprises! Identifying the Nintendo Switch version of this game is hard to do, as […]